Who is Kate Manttan?

Kate grew up in Fiji and Hong Kong before her family made Wellington their permanent home when she was 9 years old.  

“My father is Scottish, and my mother is Samoan. My Pasifika roots are very important to me and I am passing on all the cultural beauty I can to my son as it was passed down to me.”

Outside of work, Kate spends as much time as possible with friends and family, tiki-touring around New Zealand, and taste testing the delicious local produce New Zealand has to offer. She once walked 103.6kms to raise money for Oxfam – legend has it that this was the longest Oxfam Trailwalk ever due to a land slip extending the course by 3.6kms.

“My wee man Declan keeps me busy every day (and night) of the week; my goal is to give him the best day every day, so our lives are always full of adventures in the outdoors where he is happiest.”

Where has Kate's career taken her?

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Cell & Molecular Biosciences) in 2005 and a Bachelor of Laws in 2006 from Victoria University of Wellington, Kate took on her first role at a specialist litigation firm.

Most recently, Kate was an in-house lawyer at New Zealand Rugby where she developed expertise in compliance and regulatory work. 

“There were so many highlights while working at New Zealand Rugby; my clients, my colleagues and our leaders are all stand outs for me. A particular highlight was being part of the “team behind the Team” and getting to celebrate with them after their 2015 Rugby World Cup win; I was one of the drivers in the Wellington celebration parade with 4 of the boys on the back of my truck – what lawyer gets to do that?!”

What attracted Kate to ComplyWith?

“As soon as I saw the ComplyWith tool, I was hooked! The way it helps out clients to do things right is, in my view, world-leading and such a fantastic product.

The thing that sealed the deal for me was meeting the people behind the tool. There is a serious brains trust here at ComplyWith and I love the vibe – everyone works together and wants the absolute best outcome for our clients.”

What excites Kate about working at ComplyWith?

“The technology, ease of use and content library is absolutely fantastic. I could talk about it all day, every day.

The team and I have a few cool ideas that we are working on in the background to deliver more value to our clients."

What is Kate's ComplyWith goal?

“I am here to help my team soar and to deliver on David’s amazing vision for the tool and the business as a whole. We are in a phase of exciting growth and development and my goal as a member the Customer Success Team is to help get this out to our clients so they can see even greater success with the tool.”

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