The health and safety laws are confusing.

This is not helped by the definitions of key words, phrases and concepts (terms) being spread widely across the main Act and various regulations.

For the ComplyWith content to create clarity we needed to be able to take readers directly to the definition of a term if they needed it.

The way the health and safety laws are published on line it’s not possible to link to individual definitions in most cases. And if a definition itself contains a defined term, it’s a case of good luck in figuring out what they are and where they are defined.

So we’ve created our own copy of health and safety definitions to enable direct links to each defined term. We’ve also made this easy to navigate and search, added in links to key terms within definitions.

For some of the key terms we’ve also added in links to additional guidance on these from WorkSafe NZ and also Safe Work Australia (NZ’s health and safety law is based on the Australian law).

If you would like more clarity about health and safety terms, please feel free to use our online defined terms.

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