Ex Tauranga girl and outdoor adventurer

I enjoy the ‘light-bulb’ moment when an unwieldy piece of legislation becomes understandable.


A Tauranga girl, Alisha moved up to Auckland to study law and history at the University of Auckland.

Escaping the big smoke in Uni holidays, she worked a summer for Beca during the public consultation project for the Tauranga Harbour Bridge.

Sharing an office with nothing but a 2x3-metre model of the bridge, she spent her days answering questions about whether it should be tolled or not.

Thankfully, Winston Peters answered that question himself by negotiating a toll-free harbour bridge as part of his government deal - but at least Alisha learnt a thing or two about bridges.

ComplyWith’s such a great tool. It provides comfort to management and helps them sleep at night.


After graduating, she cut her teeth at Auckland corporate commercial firm, Jones Young, where she spent seven years working on business sales and purchases, land developments, and other commercial agreements.

She now contributes to ComplyWith’s magic as a member of our Content Development team and is responsible for keeping ComplyWatch up to date.

Alisha loves being active outdoors – from tramping and running, to surfing.

An all-out active girl, when she’s not running or tramping Alisha’s out on her surfboard. Although she’s a bit rusty since becoming a mum of 2 kids.

Alisha fun photo for website 

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