Why Controls Reporting?

Effective policies and other risk controls help people to do things right

"For too long we have assumed people know about and apply our risk controls – we’ve no proof though. It’s probably just wishful thinking. We need to do better."

"The new fraud policy was widely publicised and discussed when it was launched 3 years ago – how do we ensure it’s still top of mind?"

It’s quality not quantity of information that counts

It’s quality not quantity of information that counts

Running effective control self-assessments can be challenging.

Controls Reporting enables the right people to be asked the right questions across your business.
Secure access to the relevant information when they are reporting ensures no excuses for blind box-ticking.

Insights and comfort are given through engaging and informative reports.

What does Controls Reporting give you?

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Map controls

Map controls to the right people who need to be aware of and comply with those controls.

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Targeted self-assessment

Targeted so that people can report on their awareness and compliance with the controls they should be applying. Identify risks and opportunities for improvements.

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Corrective Actions

Easy visibility of unresolved risks and issues. Proactive management of corrective actions through to resolution.

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Engaging reports

Informative and engaging reports for senior leadership and boards, providing comfort that the controls framework is actually working.

How does it work?

“The insights our customers are getting from Controls Reporting are invaluable - and sometimes quite surprising."
David Woodnorth - Founder and Leader of ComplyWith

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