Who we are

Who we are

We are legal clarity specialists. 
Creating clarity from the law's confusion is what we do. It’s not easy.

We all have a passion for helping people. By giving organisations and their people clarity about the law we’re helping them to do things right.

How we roll

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Simplicity- driven

  • Making the universe a slightly less complex place
    The best at making the law clear for people
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People- centered

  • Valued, cultivating our genius, and having some fun
  • Achieving our best balance of work and life outside work
  • Treating others the way we like to be treated
  • Exercising empathy in our work
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Grounded achievers

  • Getting good shit done!
  • Confident, humble, and authentic
  • Gritty when the work gets challenging
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Autonomous collaborators

  • Finding the sweet spot between individual empowerment and collective collaboration
  • Sharing our knowledge, learning, ideas, and questions
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Forever innovating

  • Always asking, how can we defeat this complexity?
  • Tapping into our team’s collective genius from the start
  • Applying people-centred elegantly simple design
Building community

Building community

A strong customer community has been part of ComplyWith’s DNA since day one.

After all, the idea for ComplyWith came from our first customers.



This annual customer event at Te Papa started in 2016 and has grown into NZ’s biggest legal compliance event.

With high-calibre speakers, lots of networking opportunities, engaging agenda and fun vibe, Unplugged is not to be missed.

Regional User Group meetings

Regional User Group meetings

In 2023 we resumed running User Group meeting around the country with meetings in 6 cities, and we’re planning more for the future.


Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Our core business is helping people stay out of trouble. This feels good.

We want to share that goodness and are committed to being an ethical and socially responsible business.

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As we grow, so has our capability to help charities.

We do this by providing the ComplyWith tool and our services at a significantly reduced cost to over 10 charities such as Mary Potter Hospice, Save the Children, Plunket and Wellington Zoo.

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We’re reducing our carbon footprint by walking and pedalling to most meetings in Wellington. We’ve also greatly reduced the amount of air travel we take by running implementations via video meetings rather than in-person.

By providing office keep cups for morning coffee, we’re saving at least 1,600 disposable cups a year!

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With many of our team coming from the legal profession, we’ve experienced the wrong end of the work-life balance spectrum.

At ComplyWith we work to different paradigm – we value energy and focus, not timesheet filling.

Almost half of our team enjoys flexible part-time work arrangements.

How it all started

How it all started

A problem looking for a solution.

Sometimes the best products are those built from the ground up to fix a problem being faced by a group of future customers. This is ComplyWith’s story.


Back in 2005, a diverse bunch of CFOs were discussing a common problem: how to make sure their organisations had an effective legal compliance programme when all that was on offer was bulky manuals or Excel tables. The suggested solution was to team up a lawyer and a software developer to build a tool to actually help their organisations do things right. Software developer Steve Marriott was introduced to then-lawyer David Woodnorth.

The CFOs set up a steering committee to make sure the product was what their businesses really needed. As a result, most of Steve and David’s ‘coolest’ ideas ended up in the bin! 18 months later the first version of ComplyWith was born. People liked it, and steady uptake saw the ‘project’ evolve into the flourishing legal compliance business it is today. The steering committee morphed into a customer user group, and our user groups remains a very important part of ComplyWith’s DNA today.

Great businesses that help us

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