Why ComplyWatch?

To be prepared for change, it helps greatly to know what’s coming

“It gives me a feeling of safety – that I’m not missing anything. I know things aren’t falling through the safety net.” — Regulatory Manager, Aurora Energy

“ComplyWatch is the best legal update service our bank receives. Focused and worthy value for money.” — General Counsel, NZ Office of European Bank

Instant notifications for the developments important to you

Instant notifications for the developments important to you

Easily adjust which laws you want instant email notifications for.

Each notification has useful headline information about the development e.g. that submissions will open shortly on a new law.

You can then click through to a plain-English summary and links to all the relevant information.

Share this information with people in your business who need to know. You’ll be an instant hero.

A law-change library at your fingertips

A law-change library at your fingertips

The ComplyWatch Portal is where you can access all the helpful information about law-change processes that could impact on your business.

Our team is always busy tracking and reporting on developments so that you can log into the Portal and find what you need.

Whether it’s the latest update on a recent development, or finding a consultation document that disappeared from the Internet months ago, or finding out what the next steps are, it's all there in the Portal. 

Knowledge is power. ComplyWatch puts the power of being forewarned about law changes in your hands.

What does ComplyWatch give you?

Feature Icons Realtimetracking

Realtime tracking

We track the law change processes relevant to your business for you. Our legal experts immediately write up useful summaries of the key information and load links to the important documents.

Feature Icons Instantnotification

Instant notifications

For the laws most important to you - easily adjusted. Click through to all the important information. Forward to your colleagues who need to know.

Feature Icons Schedulesreports

Scheduled reports

Easy to set up. Get regular overview reports of all the developments you want to know about that may have an impact on your business.

Feature Icons CWportal

ComplyWatch Portal

Like having a digital law-change library at your finger tips. Search the full history and access all the relevant documents.

How does it work?

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