Why Legal Compliance?

Doing things right means doing legal compliance properly

"I want to do things right. To do this I need to know what I need to know. Please don’t just assume I know the detail of the law and its never-ending changes. I need a tool to help me do this."

"Relying on lengthy compliance manuals or spreadsheets to identify and manage legal risks in the modern business environment is like taking a pen-knife to a gun fight."

People-purposed software

People-purposed software

Everything about the law seems designed to confuse people who are not lawyers. We're changing that. 

Our legal compliance software lives to give people clarity about what the law requires and makes it easy to report compliance risks. 

Non-compliances are proactively managed through corrective actions.

Managers and governance can finally get meaningful legal compliance information and comfort from high quality and visually engaging reports.

Accessible expertise

Accessible expertise

Our Customer Success Team of legally qualified professionals are dedicated to making your implementation and ongoing use of Legal Compliance by ComplyWith as successful as possible.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how efficient and painless our implementation process is.

We take you right through to completion of your first compliance reporting round, including preparing a dazzling report for your senior leadership and board.

Humanised law

Humanised law

We are on a mission to create clarity out of the law’s confusion and complexity. We call this humanising the law.

Our team of senior content developers bring outstanding legal qualifications and experience to the challenge of humanising the law.

We identify the legal obligations applying to your business. Your obligations are presented in plain-English, kept up-to-date and supported by helpful guidance.

Engaging Reports

Engaging Reports

Since when have compliance reports had a 'wow' factor? Since now!

Senior leadership and governance love receiving quality information presented in an engaging way -especially when it comes to legal compliance. 

Our ever-increasing range of options for visualising compliance risk information in the reports is inspired by feedback from our awesome customers - keep it coming please.

The drag-and-drop ComplyWith report builder makes creating dazzling reports as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Features & benefits

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Plain english

Legal Compliance by ComplyWith translates the law into plain English, making legal obligations clear for your people.

1 2 Comprehensive coverage 13x v3

Comprehensive coverage

Legal Compliance by ComplyWith gives your business clarity about what’s required under the Acts and regulations that apply to it.

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The pace of legal change is relentless and increasing. We keep your business on top of it by helping keep your people on top of it.

2 1 Easy Access to content3x2 v3

Easy access to content

Legal Compliance by ComplyWith has a smart information hierarchy that gives easy access to the level of information people are wanting.

2 2 Map responsabilities3x v2

Map responsibilities

Legal obligations are clearly mapped to the roles in your organisation responsible for those obligations.

2 3 Identify legal risks3x v2

Identify legal risks

The easy online compliance survey function gives your people responsibility for proactively identifying legal risks and issues.

2 4 Track unresolved risk3x v2

Track unresolved risks

The corrective actions function gives visibility of unresolved legal risks and enables these to be proactively managed to resolution.

2 5 Board reporting3x

Board reporting

Infographics to summarise key issues, and easy to consume presentation of the more detailed information.

2 6 cloud3x v2

Cloud-based and secure

The ComplyWith software is delivered from a secure cloud environment, and we are committed to the highest security standards.

3 1 Delivery experts copy 1 v2

Delivery experts

Our Customer Success Team thrives on helping people in business do things right. They're the experts in helping our customers be successful with compliance.

3 2 Process3x v2

Proven process

Our implementation process is efficient and effective. It covers our first meetings through to setting up your ComplyWith and preparing the first board report.

3 3 Support3x v2

Complete support

One point of contact for all your support needs. Super-responsive and personal.

“If people knew how easy it (ComplyWith) is to use, they would not think twice about implementing it.”
Kerrie Cole - Director Finance and Corporate Services External Reporting Board

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