LLB(Hons), BSocSci, casual jogger and podcast enthusiast

I love being part of a team and community with the shared goal of making it easier to comply with the law. That feels like something worth doing.


Antonia heads up ComplyWith’s Cambridge Office. You didn’t know we had a Cambridge Office? Well, you’re right, we don’t. We just let Antonia think we do.

Antonia grew up in the Mighty Waikato, selling pizza and gelato to the good folks of Hamilton in her Dad’s Garden Place shop (at times, for less than minimum wage – her Dad didn’t have ComplyWith).

After graduating in law and political science, she moved to Wellington to be close to the seat of Government. She made her career at the Office of the Ombudsman, first as an investigator, and then as a principal advisor specialising in official information.

A big fan of Wellington - particularly on a ‘good day’ - Antonia resignedly decided to move home to Cambridge when there just weren’t enough ‘good days’ for her (there’s no pleasing some people). After working remotely for a boutique public law firm, she joined the ComplyWith family.

A typical day at ComplyWith will see Antonia looking at new or changed legislation, figuring out what our customers need to know about it, and crafting amazing legal content for our compliance tool. If that doesn’t sound exciting enough, Antonia notes that the diversity of our customers means every day is different – one day she’ll be doing drugs (not literally!), the next food, and the next hazardous substances.

What does Antonia like about working at ComplyWith?

The people I work with are exceptional at their jobs and genuinely good humans. The work is meaningful, varied, intellectually challenging, and stimulating. And most importantly, I can work at ComplyWith and still be there for my family.


When she’s not working, Antonia loves going for a run and binging podcasts.



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