Ex-Timaruvian, mountain biking enthusiast

Creating ComplyWith feels like it is what I was born to do.


As a little boy, David spent many happy hours dreaming up designs for huts, then building them in the back yard out of used car-part packing cases his dad would bring home from work. Every so often George, a retired builder, would ask over the fence – ‘Have you got building permission to build that mansion?’

While David went on to study law rather than building, that ability to visualise a solution then get it built would come in very handy one day.

By the time David had finished his law studies at Otago University, he’d also picked up some real-world experiences from jobs including ice cream stick maker, beer crate mender, truck driver, relief teacher, accounts clerk and house pile replacer, as well as restoring a 1952 Ford Prefect.

This diversity of experiences is also a theme of David’s legal career. From arguing commercial law cases in the Court of Appeal to conducting undercover investigations into delinquent car dealers; advising Ministers of Parliament to running a pub on behalf of the Law Society; setting up the corporate legal function for Inland Revenue to guiding the legal governance of over 20 Crown-owned companies – there was never a dull moment.  

Working with a bunch of awesome people all focused on making complex stuff clear is a fantastic privilege for me.


When the opportunity to create ComplyWith came knocking – David dug deep into all his learning and experiences to help our co-founder Steve Marriot (now retired) in creating a purpose-driven software tool to give businesses easy clarity about the law.

It's been a fantastic journey so far, says David, and we are only just getting going!

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