LLB, BA, LLM(Hons), ex-Timaruvian, Mountain bike enthusiast

I’m incredibly proud of what our team has achieved. The future is going to be very exciting!


David is an eternal optimist and a born communicator. He would have made a fantastic hostage negotiator, had he not chosen to indulge his passion for demystifying law and assuaging the fears of fretful clients.

He realised his powers at a young age, assuaging the concerns of his mates when taking on the challenge of restoring a 1952 Ford Prefect as a 15 year old.

While studying at the ‘fun’ University, David worked as an ice cream stick maker, fixer of beer crates, and pea truck driver, giving him some memorable work stories.

After graduating from Otago, more interesting work stories were in the making while working as a litigator in private practice for 5 years, before moving in-house to head up the legal functions in three very different government organisations.

Simplifying the law is challenging, but incredibly rewarding


While working in government David indulged his passion for learning by completing a Master of Laws with first class honours.

Next was a move back into private practice as a barrister, shortly after which David teamed up with Software guru Steve Marriott and the wonderful story of ComplyWith began. 

David is as passionate about mountain biking today as when he started over 30 years ago, despite some spectacular ‘spills’.

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