Daredevil DIY queen

I enjoy being able to do a good job and being involved with a team that’s going places. We have a great team culture, a fantastic product, and good work-life balance.


Jumping out of a plane isn’t enough for Natasha. She had to do it in Vegas – while tethered to a singing Elvis impersonator. That’s the kind of person you need doing your admin support.

Vegas was a long way from Timaru, where Natasha grew up. Her early career moves included a paper run delivering the Timaru Herald, and the fast-paced VHS rental business (for those who don’t remember VHS, that was how people watched movies before DVDs, and DVDs were how people watched movies before streaming).

A long career in travel consultancy, training, and HR followed. Based in the UK and New Zealand, Natasha honed her organisational skills by planning her own and others’ travels. From touring Turkey, Syria, and Jordan in an open truck, to swimming with whale sharks in Mozambique, no challenge is too great for Natasha.

Which brings us to ComplyWith. Natasha helps us with our travel too, and EVERYTHING else. If you don’t mind a Formula 1 analogy (which we don’t), she’s an integral part of our ‘pit crew’ – helping the ComplyWith machine to run smoothly.

Natasha also moonlights as the team manager for the Capital Football U18 Girls Youth National League and spends her Saturdays travelling around New Zealand to games.

When she’s not supporting and coordinating us, or helping grow the next generation of New Zealand women footballers, Natasha loves walking in the Eastbourne hills and spending time with her 2 boys:

My all-time favourite thing to do is get back down south and sit on a deck chair beside Lake Benmore, watching my kids waterski on the lake with our family.

Outside work, Natasha’s a DIY Queen, buying, renovating, and selling houses.


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