Word wanderer and language aficionado

I love being part of an organisation committed to excellence through simplicity

Meet Rubeena from the content team! By day, she dives into intricate legal conundrums, and when the sun sets, she assumes her alter ego as the “Word Wanderer.” Originally from the beautiful city of Cape Town, she now lives in Auckland.

When she’s not immersed in the world of words, writing, reading, and trying to sharpen her language skills, Rubeena’s conquering Auckland’s scenic trails, exchanging punches in dynamic boxing sessions, and finding art galleries in Auckland to roam. 

Rubeena’s career journey includes working at top-tier law firms in Cape Town and London and as an in-house lawyer. Before taking up her role at ComplyWith, Rubeena headed up the research team at the Equal Education Law Centre in South Africa.

Rubeena thrives on creating and maintaining superior legal compliance content that is satisfyingly simple for customers. With a commitment to clarity, Rubeena transforms the complex into the comprehensible.

In Rubeena’s world, every day is a fresh challenge, an opportunity to make sense of the puzzling – all while embracing the tech-fuelled future.

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