The Obligations Register makes the law and its never-ending changes clear for your people so that they can do things right.

In this article we share ways the Obligations Register can be a valuable everyday resource for people in your organisation.

Here’s a quick video about how to use the Obligations Register.

Helping people understand the laws applying to your business

To give people clarity we’ve created clear plain-English compliance content and made it really easy for your people to find what they need.

The Obligations Register can act as a ‘first port of call’ for people with the question: 'What does the law require here?'

It’s also a valuable time-saving tool for in-house legal teams who can be freed up to focus more on specific legal questions and issues rather than simply identifying and explaining legal compliance obligations.

Keeping on top of law changes

The speed and amount of law changes is ever-increasing. It’s getting harder, even for your lawyers let alone non-lawyers, to get a clear view of what’s changed and how those changes impact on your legal obligations.

We’re all required to comply with these ever-changing laws, whether we are aware of changes or not. Ignorance is no defence for a compliance breach, even when the compliance obligations were only changed recently.

The answer to the challenge of helping keep your people on top of law changes is the Clarity of Change feature in the Obligations Register.

Anyone accessing your Obligations Register can easily see which laws have changed since they last checked. They can then see clearly how the compliance obligations relevant to them have changed.

The download function in your Obligations Register also makes it very easy to send Clarity of Change information about law changes to the people in your organisation affected by those changes.

Reviewing and updating policies and procedures

Having an always up-to-date Obligations Register at your finger-tips is invaluable when it comes to reviewing and updating policies and procedures.

If I’m an HR Advisor tasked with updating our holidays and leave policy to incorporate any law changes in the last 6 months, how long would it take me, or possibly our lawyer, to analyse the relevant Acts and regulations to identify and write up any changes? A day, maybe more?

With Clarity of Change I can have the information I need within seconds and with a couple of quick clicks.

Preparing training materials

If anyone in your organisation is preparing training materials and needs to provide some coverage of the laws that apply to the topic, the Obligations Register is a great resource.

The ‘Overview’ for each piece of legislation usually provides a great introduction to that law, then obligations and commentaries to provide a more in-depth source of information where needed.

Easier access to your Obligations Register

We’ve made accessing the Obligations Register easier by having the Obligations Register access icon always clearly visible in your arrival portal screen.

If you have Single Sign On activated for your ComplyWith, your people will be able to seamlessly log in and access your Obligations Register.

For organisations with an intranet or similar type of internal shared online workspace, we recommend adding a link to your ComplyWith application to make access to the Obligations Register even easier.


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