At a customer workshop back in 2017 we unearthed an exciting opportunity to greatly add to the value ComplyWith delivers and make the ongoing admin of ComplyWith easier. Could we make it crystal clear for people what’s changed when there’s a law change?

Before we jump in and share some details about our exciting new Clarity of Change enhancements, we’re going to share a little of the back story, because when it comes to creating clarity in the law, it can be a bit like making cheese: ‘good things take time’.

With Clarity of Change, we’ve been on an innovation journey that has taken almost 4 years. The first step in this journey was to stop thinking like lawyers and walk in our customers' shoes.

A design driven journey

When lawyers think and communicate about law changes it usually starts with: What’s caused the change? Then what Acts or regulations have been changed? Then what are the actual changed obligations within each Act or regulation?

Everyone else just wants to know ‘What’s changed here that’s relevant to me?’

The answer to that last question was where we needed to start the Clarity of Change design journey. A journey to design a way of giving clarity to:

  • People completing their compliance survey: ‘Make it easy for me to see which of my obligations have changed and how they have changed’
  • People accessing the Obligations Register: ‘Give me easy and useful choices for accessing and understanding information about law changes’
  • ComplyWith Administrators: ‘Make it super easy for me to see how law changes affect different roles in our business, and if I need to do anything to our allocations.’

Pep, our awesome designer, applied his brilliance to the challenge and came up with some initial concept designs. The thing about great design that solves complex challenges, is that the end result often looks so damn simple it belies the hard graft getting it to that point. Clarity of Change has been a lot of hard graft.

Bringing great design to life

While we were super excited about Pep’s designs, another reality was dawning. To deliver on our vision, first we’d need to build an innovative new Content Management System. Once this was built, then we could start loading up change information.

Next, we needed to refine the screen designs to make the Clarity of Change goodness as easily accessible and clear for people as possible. And then finally, our amazing developers started to magically turn all the thinking and design work into reality.

While we’ll be officially launching the Clarity of Change enhancements at our March User Group meetings, here’s a preview of just some of the features we’re really excited about.

In the Obligations Register there’ll be the ability to choose what period you’d like to see the changes for.


In the Activity Mapping screen, it will be easy to see which activities have obligations that have been changed.



In the Survey screen, if there’s been a change to an obligation a person is reporting on, it’s going to be super-easy to see where changes are and what’s changed.



Once we’ve released the Clarity of Change enhancements, we’ll make updated User and Admin guides available. In the meantime, if you have any questions about these exciting new enhancements please do get in touch.


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