As a part of ComplyWith’s never-ending quest to bring clarity to the complexity of the law we’ve dug deep for inspiration on how to make the structure of our legal compliance content simpler and clearer for you. 

Improvements to your Obligations Register structure

This was no minor task given that we now have legal compliance content for over 285 pieces of legislation applying across 150+ customers from sectors including core-Crown, local government, electricity distribution, education, manufacturing, primary industries, health, charities and even a zoo!  

“Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” Steve Jobs

We also wanted a system that could be applied to help make accessing the collections of compliance ‘Activities’ easier, and that could be used in the new ComplyWatch platform being developed. 

The end result is more evolution that revolution, so things will still look fairly familiar. Below is a summary of some of the key changes.

These changes have been applied to the core content and can be seen in your Obligations Register. Our Content Team will soon also be applying this new clearer structure to the Activity collections in Activity Mapping, where the improvements will be more significant.

Some laws are now in different categories

To make it easier to find laws relevant to your role some laws have been moved to different categories. For example:

  • The Electricity category now covers everything to do with electricity, including electrical safety and hazards from trees (previously some laws were in the Buildings category). The same change has been made for the Gas and Telecommunications categories.
  • The Health category now includes laws that have a public health purpose, for example, the Food Act and the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act.
  • The Environment category now includes all environment-related laws (for local authorities, many of these were previously in the Local government category). 
  • The Local government category now focuses on laws unique to being a local authority, rather than covering laws where council has a role but the law’s purpose is something different (for example, to protect the environment).
  • The Managing information category now includes the Telecommunications Information Privacy Code 2020 and Health Information Privacy Code 2020 directly underneath the Privacy Act 2020.

What other changes have been made?

In most cases, the compliance content for an Act and its regulations have been combined into 1 piece of ComplyWith legislation. 

For example, there is now 1 piece of legislation called Electricity Act 1992 and Regulations which includes compliance content for all Regulations made under the Electricity Act. 

How do you find a law that has moved?

If you’re having trouble finding a law that has been moved, you can view the Obligations Register alphabetically (rather than by category) or use the Search feature.  

To find the content for regulations, look at the content for the Act that the regulations are made under.


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