The ComplyWith Customised Reporting Module enables customised surveys and reporting on a range of matters. Examples of things organisations like Inland Revenue, Corrections, the Financial Markets Authority and the Office of the Clerk use customised reporting for include:

  • internal policy awareness and compliance, including health and safety policies
  • internal controls and delegations
  • site security requirements
  • related-party transaction questionnaires
  • performance measures.

Advantages of using the ComplyWith tool include the efficiency of already having users set up, and the ease of loading new content, linking to internal policies, and then running surveys. All this is done in the secure ComplyWith environment. Once a customised survey is completed you can present the results using the ComplyWith reports.

Below are some examples of how the customised reporting screen can be configured. If you would like to find out more about how the ComplyWith customised reporting module could be of value to your organisation, please do not hesitate to ask us.

170830 Control reporting

170830 conditions reporting

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