On 25 July 2019 we officially launched Controls Reporting – a new product to help your organisation report on its controls framework.

Effective controls and procedures are key to ensuring things are done right in any business. However, how do you know these are effective and that people across your business are aware of, and are applying them?

ComplyWith customers have been telling us for a while they need a better way of reporting on Controls awareness and effectiveness. If the solution could include tracking corrective actions and produce engaging reports, all the better.

In response we’ve developed our awesome new Controls Reporting module. 

Those who are using it already, love it!  Check out the demo video below and download the Controls Reporting brochure to find out why.

We've optimized the Report Builder screen to present your Controls Reporting results:

controls reporting screen2

If you’d like to find out more about Controls Reporting we’d love to hear from you - so please drop us a line


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