How the new ComplyWith Results screen will provide more clarity about legal risks to your business

The new Results screen is here

ComplyWith humanises the law so people are clear about what needs to be done and businesses can know and manage their legal compliance risks.

An important part of this is providing clear visibility of the legal risks that people in the business have identified using ComplyWith.

Our mission is to help people keep on the right side of the law.


We understand getting clarity about legal risks can be challenging – potentially sifting through screens or pages of data to find out where the issues are. For the last 10 years ComplyWith has helped businesses replace Word, Excel and other semi-manual compliance systems with online easy visibility of your compliance risks.

Yet when it comes to doing even better at compliance and managing legal risk – there’s no room for complacency. 

New Results screen

We have just released the new ComplyWith Results screen to most clients – you’ll find this in the User module. The new Results screen replaces over a half dozen results and reporting screens in ComplyWith.



  • The overview at the top of the Results screen provides you with a simple view of information about the compliance survey and results.
  • We recommend pasting these graphics into the first page of your Board report to display the key information they really want to know – the number of compliance issues reported!  (This manual task will soon be replaced with our new board reports module which is now under development). 

Breakdown of results


Beneath the overview you’ll find the breakdown of results.

  • You've got the option to view the breakdown of survey results by people in the business or by legislation that has been reported on.
  • The interactive screen lets you start with the high-level overview and then dive into the detail of what is important to you.
  • You can select the results you want to download and export them into a new-look PDF format.

Dive into the detail


  • You can use the breakdown to analyse compliance issues and understand what has been reported.
  • We’ve included the current status of corrective actions for each compliance issue, and even provided a link through to the corrective actions module, so you can make updates to corrective actions on the spot.

Old Results Reports tab

old results screen

  • If there is something in those old reports you still want to use, we have saved them for you under the ‘Old Results Reports’ tab in the Admin module.

Please contact the ComplyWith helpdesk if you would like any help using the new Results screen.


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