Welcome to our December 2020 Tech Talk for a quick re-cap on last week’s Tech Talk webinar and what exciting enhancements to expect tech-wise early in 2021. We’re also seeking your input into our upcoming work taking corrective actions to the next level. 

Online training and guidance

One theme of recent feedback from our customer community has been about improving our online training and guidance assets for the ComplyWith tool. With a whole lot of new screens recently released, we’re now working hard on improving ComplyWith’s training and guidance assets and these should be available for you early in the New Year. 

Webinar recap

On 9 December we ran a well-attended Tech Talk webinar. After showing off newly released features like the new Activity Mapping and Survey Manager screens, we talked about the upcoming tech roadmap. If you’d like to access the 46 minute webinar, please drop us a line

We also talked briefly about a couple of new projects we have underway with ComplyWith customers. One is enabling online reporting on the Public Service Model Standards. The other is bringing a customer’s conflicts of interest reporting into their ComplyWith tool using Controls Reporting to make this process both a lot more efficient to run and much easier for people to complete. 

Corrective actions – we need your input

In the first half of 2021 we’ll be investing in enhancing ComplyWith’s corrective actions tracking and reporting functions. Here’s a summary of some of the challenges and opportunities for corrective actions customers have already shared with us:

  1. More flexibility is needed for managing corrective actions. We need to be able to: allocate corrective actions to new owners; consolidate multiple corrective actions into one; and prioritise corrective actions.

  2. Updating corrective actions needs to be made as easy as possible. Improve reminder communications and settings; make access to what needs doing easier; and make it easier to deal with historic issues. 

  3. Improve visibility of, and reporting on, corrective actions. Can some kind of scheduling of update reports be added? 

If you have any additional thoughts about things you’d like improved or added to ComplyWith’s corrective actions functionality then we’d really appreciate you sharing them with us by taking 2 minutes here or by dropping us a line to tee up a phone or Zoom call. 


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