With some crucial updates to underlying technology now in place, it's exciting to be back focused on building new features and enhancements for the ComplyWith applications. Read on to learn about what's coming up.

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Email sender enhancements are almost ready for release

In the second half of April ’24 we’ll be releasing some great new enhancements to your ComplyWith Email Sender feature.

These enhancements include:

  • It’s easier to create your own email templates.
  • The ability to have a ‘from’ name (with a different from email address) and to set a different ‘reply to’ email address for templated emails.
  • New templates for survey ‘heads-up’ emails and for reallocating obligations in a survey.
  • Improved navigation and user interface.

The introduction of these features will be complemented by new Help guidance for the Email Sender.

Accessing legal obligations via ‘activities’ in the Obligations Register

We’ll be adding the ability to access legal obligations via ‘activities’ in your Obligations Register. This will be a great help for people wanting clarity about their legal obligations who know what the subject matter is that they need help with, but don’t know what legislation the obligations are under.  

We’ll also make some small tweaks to the Obligations Register user interface as part of our quest to make things as simple as possible.

Linking legal obligations to policies, controls and other useful things

The ability to link legal obligations to internal policies, resources and notes is an often requested enhancement. We’ve listened and hope to have this feature released within the next three months.

We also know that organisations would like to be able to link their ‘controls’ to legal obligations and other resources. This will also be possible in the near future for customers with the Controls Reporting module.

New Corrective Actions function

We've started designing a new Corrective Actions function which will include great new features our customers have been requesting. 

If you'd like to send us your wish list for this update, please fire it through to help@complywith.com .

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