In March 2021 we held User Group meetings in Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. Here’s a recap of those meetings.

Launch of Clarity of Change and tech update

We used the User Group meetings to launch the new Clarity of Change feature. This gives you a fully up-to-date crystal-clear view of the law changes affecting your organisation.


We gave demo’s of how Clarity of Change works in the Obligations Register, Mapping Module and in legal compliance surveys. We’re hoping to make demo and guidance videos for these enhancements available by the end of May.



The tech-update included a briefing on the next set of Clarity of Change features we’re working on and the exciting news that Single Sign On (SSO) should be released and available to customers wanting this option by the end of May 2021.

Workshop on delivering more value from compliance

User Groups are a great way for technology suppliers like ComplyWith to learn what we can be doing better to address pain points and deliver more value to our customers. At each User Group meeting there was great engagement from all attendees and we received invaluable insights into what we should be focusing on for the future.

We could crow about all the positive feedback we received (thanks everybody) but here we’ll focus on the themes of ‘compliance pain points’ and ‘ideas for creating more compliance value’ that emerged from the 3 workshops.

In terms of common compliance pain-points, some key themes were:

  • Getting better buy-in and engagement from managers who need to be reporting on legal compliance;
  • Getting managers to access the obligations register more frequently;
  • Avoiding ‘obligation fatigue’ for managers with a lot of responsibilities, while maintaining robustness of the reporting;
  • Making some compliance obligations clearer, while acknowledging that some laws are terribly drafted (including some health and safety laws!).

Then when asked about ideas to increase the value of compliance to organisations, here’s some of the key themes that came through:

  • The ability outside the compliance reporting cycle for managers to be able to view what obligations they are responsible for and to be proactively notified of changes to those obligations;
  • Increase accessibility to the ComplyWith tool;
  • Additional flexibility in the Report Builder;
  • More articles and information about the consequences of non-compliance to help people understand why compliance is so important;
  • Enhancements to the management, tracking and reporting of corrective actions;
  • More training and resources for Administrators so they can bring best practice to life in their organisations.


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