Why did Ravensdown go with the ComplyWith solution?

We looked at a couple of alternatives but we felt that ComplyWith was the most comprehensive, while at the same time tailored to the user and reasonably simple. We also liked the individuals who ran the business, which gave us confidence that we could work through any issues which might arise.

How is the ongoing support and service?

Great. We’re effectively outsourcing the survey generation and follow up support to ComplyWith – as we have limited internal resources – and that is working well for us. The team at ComplyWith are always very responsive to our needs.

Now you have implemented the ComplyWith tool, is it worth it?

Absolutely. We recently had an internal audit of the tool and it was found to be very useful and a great knowledge resource for the business. The internal auditor found that it had led to significant improvement in compliance management at Ravensdown over the last two years.


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