On Friday 3 May, we released a new Report Builder tool to all ComplyWith customers.

ComplyWith Report Builder has been designed to enable ComplyWith administrators to easily produce a board report that uses informative and striking infographics to tell the story of your ComplyWith survey results, focussing the board’s attention on what they really want to know.

So, you can look forward to seeing your next ComplyWith survey results presented in an exciting new format.

You can watch a video about the tool here, and see more below…


A library of preset infographics allows for a tailored board report that can be downloaded as a PDF from your ComplyWith site, along with any relevant appendices you supply to the board.

Overview graphic

The overview graphic shows the key statistics of the survey, including the number of compliance issues reported, and the status of those issues (i.e. the number resolved and those awaiting updates).


Breakdown graphics

Further graphics allow survey results to be broken down and compliance compared between different business groups and across areas of law, such as health and safety (or down to the legislation level).

newsletter graphics

Impact of law changes

Other features include the law change-o-meter and law change overview graphics, which clearly set out the impact of recent law changes on your organisation.

law change o meterchange table

Access to Report Builder

The Report Builder sits in the admin module on your ComplyWith site and is only available to users with admin rights (normally only the ComplyWith administrator at your organisation).

We are providing all administrators with a guide on how to use the tool, and will offer a free training day soon, to ensure your organisation is getting the best out of Report Builder.


We’ll be continuing to fine tune the tool and add infographics during the year, so please get in touch with your feedback and ideas for further infographics. We’re particularly interested to hear how the report is received by your board!

You can download an example of the whole front page of a board report here.

BIG C Background Image