Unplugged #4: The quest for success

David Woodnorth (Founder & Leader of ComplyWith) opened the conference with a hard look at the state of compliance in New Zealand, suggesting that success in compliance means people being committed to doing things right. David is working on a thought leadership piece on this - coming soon!

Julian Fenwick (GRC Solutions and Chair of the RegTech Association) then followed with an update on the compliance landscape in Australia and how technology is enabling success there.

After lunch we introduced the ComplyWith Customer Success strategy and team and ran a workshopping session where our customers had the opportunity to share their compliance success stories and challenges.

In the final session, Joanna Hayward (Principal Advisor, Office of the Privacy Commissioner) gave us a heads-up on the key changes and similarities we can expect to see in the Privacy Bill that becomes law next year.

We ended with a bang, launching the ComplyWith Controls Reporting module – see more here.


You can download the slides for the following presenters:

If you have any feedback for what you'd like to see at Unplugged next year, please email us!

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